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CVC bedsheets fabric

CVC bedsheets fabric


Composition: 50%cotton 50%polyester,80%cotton 20%ployester

Yarn Count:32S*32S,40S*40S




Style:Plain, dyed and printed

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1 100% cotton 40×40/140X100 240T 3cm sateen stripe 1.63-1.83M
2 100% cotton 40×40/140X100 240T 3cm sateen stripe 2.1-2.4M
3 100% cotton 40×40/140X100 240T 3cm sateen stripe 2.55-2.85M
4 100% cotton 60×40/173X120 300T 3cm sateen stripe 1.63-1.83M
5 100% cotton 60×40/173X120 300T 3cm sateen stripe 2.1-2.4M
6 100% cotton 60×40/173X120 300T 3cm sateen stripe 2.55-2.85M
7 100% cotton 40×40/110×90 200T plain weave 2.30-2.85M
8 100% cotton 40×40/133×100 233T plain downproof 2.30-2.55M
9 100% cotton 60×40/173X120 300T sateen 2.55-3.05M
10 100% cotton 60×60/173X156 330T sateen 2.55-3.05M
11 100% cotton 60×80/173X210 400T sateen 2.55-3.05M
12 100% cotton 80×80/200X183 400T sateen 2.55-3.05M
13 100% cotton 60×60/200x75x2 350T sateen 2.55-3.05M
14 100% cotton 60×80/200x92x2 400T sateen 2.55-3.05M
15 100% cotton 40×40/140×100 240T dobby 2.40-2.8M
16 100% cotton 60×40/173×120 300T dobby 2.55-2.85M
17 100% cotton 60×60/173×156 330T dobby 2.85M
18 100% cotton 40×40/140×100 240T jacquard 2.55-2.85M
19 100% cotton 60×40/173×120 300T jacquard 2.55-2.85M
20 100% cotton 60×60/173×156 330T jacquard 2.55M
21 50%cotton 50%poly 40×40/110×90 200T plain dyed 2.85-3.05M
22 50%cotton 50%poly 32×32 76×68 plain dyed 1.6-2.8M



E-SUN IMPORT EXPORT CO., LTD  is reliable and professional supplier, with more than 10years experience in the field of fabrics and furniture accessories.


We have been specializing in different kinds of Fabrics and Accessories with good quality and competitive prices.


Our main products included:


  1. Fabrics:


1). Garments: Polyester fabric; T/C Poplin and Twill fabric, CVC fabric; 100%Cotton fabric; Non-woven fabric; Flannel fabric; Denim fabric; In Dyeing and Printing.

It can be used for Shirts, Uniforms, Worker wear, Interlining, pocketing, Jeans, etc…


The Polyester fabrics included:

Woven Poyester Fabric: Minimatt, Taffeta, Satin, Pongee, Chiffon, Velo, Mesh, etc…

Knitted Polyester Fabric: Polar Fleece, Tricot, etc…


2). Hometextile:


100%polyester microfiber fabric;

Jacquard mattress fabric;

Tricot matrix fabric;

Woven mattress fabric;

T/C fabric and 100%cotton fabric in Solid Dyeing and Printing, for bed sheeting;


Curtain Fabrics;


Sofa Fabrics.


  1. Accessories:

Sofa webbing;

Mattress webbing;

Furniture legs.