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TC workwear fabric

TC workwear fabric

TC65/35 21X21 108X58 3/1 TWILL 57/58”


Composition:65%polyester 35%Cotton

Yarn Count: 21*21

Density: 108*58




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Uniform fabric
  Weight Width
TC90/10 21X21 88X54 155gsm 57/58”
TC80/20 24X24 100X52(23X23 88X60) 150gsm 57/58“
TC80/20 21X21 104X54 2/1TWILL 185gsm 57/58”
TC80/20 21X21 108X58 3/1TWILL 190gsm 57/58”
TC80/20 21X16 120X60 3/1TWILL 240gsm 57/58“
TC80/20 20X20 108X60 3/1TWILL 195gsm 57/58”
TC65/35 30X30 130X70 2/1TWILL 170gsm 57/58”
CVC 32X32 130X70 2/1 TWILL 150gsm 57/58“
TC65/35 32X32 130X70 2/1TWILL 150gsm 57/58”
TC65/35 24X24 100X52 PLAIN 150gsm 57/58”
TC65/35 21X21 100X52 PLAIN 175gsm 57/58“
TC65/35 21X21 108X58 3/1 2/1 TWILL 195gsm 57/58”
TC65/35 20X20 108X58 3/1 TWILL 190gsm 57/58”
TC65/35 21X16 120X60 TWILL 240gsm 57/58“
TC65/35 16X12 108X56 3/1TWILL 275gsm 57/58”
TC65/35 14X14 80X54 2/1TWILL 240gsm 57/58”
TC65/35 14X10 80X46 2/1TWILL 255gsm 57/58“
TC65/35 14X10 83X46 2/1TWILL 255gsm 57/58”
TC65/35 45/2X21 138X71 2/2 235gsm 57/58”
C 7X7 68X38 3/1TWILL 375gsm 57/58“
C 16X12 108X56 TWILL 275gsm 57/58”
C 20X16 128X60 TWILL 240gsm 57/58”
C 21X21 108X58 3/1 195gsm 57/58“
C 20X16+70D 128X60 TWILL 250gsm 57/58”
C 20X12+70D 128X50 TWILL 260gsm 57/58”
CVC50/50 16X16 96X52 RIPSTOP 220gsm 57/58“
TC65/35 16X16 100X53 RIPSTOP 250gsm 57/58”



E-SUN IMPORT EXPORT CO., LTD  is reliable and professional supplier, with more than 10years experience in the field of fabrics and furniture accessories.


We have been specializing in different kinds of Fabrics and Accessories with good quality and competitive prices.


Our main products included:


  1. Fabrics:


1). Garments: Polyester fabric; T/C Poplin and Twill fabric, CVC fabric; 100%Cotton fabric; Non-woven fabric; Flannel fabric; Denim fabric; In Dyeing and Printing.

It can be used for Shirts, Uniforms, Worker wear, Interlining, pocketing, Jeans, etc…


The Polyester fabrics included:

Woven Poyester Fabric: Minimatt, Taffeta, Satin, Pongee, Chiffon, Velo, Mesh, etc…

Knitted Polyester Fabric: Polar Fleece, Tricot, etc…


2). Hometextile:


100%polyester microfiber fabric;

Jacquard mattress fabric;

Tricot matrix fabric;

Woven mattress fabric;

T/C fabric and 100%cotton fabric in Solid Dyeing and Printing, for bed sheeting;


Curtain Fabrics;


Sofa Fabrics.


  1. Accessories:

Sofa webbing;

Mattress webbing;

Furniture legs.